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A new change to Google Page Spedd Insights has occurred There used to be one value for evaluating page optimization for mobile and desktop computers, now there are two. A PageSpeed Insight Optimization Score has already been added to the page loadRead More →

The Serpact ™ team submits its traditional annual report on completed projects for 2017. We also include trends for 2018, as well as key moments for 2017 in the development of Serpact ™ A List of All Performed SEO Audits in 2017Read More →

През 2017 година екипът на Serpact успява да се развива и към екипа на фирмата се присъединиха двама нови специалисти.

 SEO Аgency Serpact increased with two more SEO specialists In 2017  Serpact team is growing and two new specialists joined the company’s team. One of them is the well-known Dido Grigorov – one of the best  SEO experts in Bulgaria who hasRead More →

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